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LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Justices to rein in bureaucracy?

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Justices to rein in bureaucracy?

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During the last week of October a news item buried in should have been the headlines on all media news. This carries the most important impact on political power during my 82-year lifetime. The modernist left have been trying to negate the judicial branch of the United States government to prevent its consequences.

The Supreme Court has accepted a case challenging Congress's use of delegated authority and policy making through federal agencies. In essence, the legislative branch is going to be examined to see if it is passing specific laws with clear limits and budgets.

Why is this so important that the highest court accepted the case? BecauseĀ  Congress has since the 1930s created countless federal agencies controlling America. Up until the 1930s Depression, Congress and the government made laws which generally were specific and enacted by our capitalistic system.

The Depression affected American citizens and, worldwide, most of the people in major countries. The American solution was the New Deal by Roosevelt. The government based it's budget on socialist type work and handouts to the people. Several European countries also changed their governments to militaristic socialist styles. Within a decade they and we clashed in World War II.

Our government has never turned back from its self-governing needed during the war years. A law review of Washington bills passed since WW II determined 99% result in more bureaucracy and not a specific enactment. Congress created agencies that bred more agencies. The Constitution restricts the power of law to the will of the citizens. Agencies are mostly self-empowered and not controlled or audited by Congress or the citizens.

Recent years have had a leftist/modernist movement to replace the Constitution with a flexible rule of law. This would also include changes to or elimination of the Supreme Court. Only the will of the citizens and the authority of the Supreme Court can control Congress.

I wish all American citizens could read the article and understand that this case can re-establish the republic democracy or destroy it.

Jim Petro, Gary


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