I may be a "bleeding heart liberal" as my conservative daughter would call me, but I cannot believe only Democrats or Independents like myself find what the president said about The Squad — four U.S. congresswomen — elected by the people of our country, to our government, absolutely abhorrent.

We all knew what he was when he was elected. But he has left absolutely no doubt that he is blatantly racist. Where are the Republicans? Do they all agree with him?

I understand why Rep. Nancy Pelosi rejects impeachment. I believe he should be voted out of office. Not that I think he should not be impeached, but I believe the nation is too divided already, and the Senate would never pass it.

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Everyone should stand and rebuke the president and call him out for what he is. All of Congress was elected by the people, and I cannot believe that all Republicans believe that anyone who disagrees with the president's policies should "go back where they came from." I urge everyone to stand up for your beliefs, and get out and vote.

Darla Vellines, Hobart