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LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Pandemic potent biological WMD

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Pandemic potent biological WMD

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This letter is in the form of a question: is COVID-19 a type of biological warfare?

The wily Dr. Fauci's 2020 emails clearly suggest he knew of the Wuhan lab's "gain of function" program: the intentional transmission of viruses in humans.

To date, the pandemic has: damaged Trump's presidency; crippled the world's economy; created a massive new class of unemployed workers now dependent on government support; allowed Democrats to exploit COVID fears to implement their agenda (eg: vote-by-mail); created division, fear, isolation and hostility within society, while suppressing our constitutional rights to assembly, political association and free speech, since anyone questioning the election results or opposing forced vaccinations risks being branded a "domestic terrorist" by the DHS.

And to further blur and complicate the vaccination issue, most government agencies, mainstream media, and left-wing "Fact Checkers" are not giving us complete, accurate statistics.

I'd suggest you seek out alternate news sources to decide for yourself if the release of COVID upon the world was an ingenious, diabolical plan to accomplish all of these goals simultaneously — thereby "fundamentally transforming America" as Barack Obama had promised — or not.

Larry Rapchak, Whiting


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