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I think it was very disheartening and offensive for the vast majority of educators to read The Times editorial entitled “Canceling Classes Isn’t The Answer."

While The Times claims, as so many legislators have likewise given lip service to, that “teachers in Indiana deserve more competitive pay and better educational resources," it nevertheless criticizes teachers for “shutting down schools” and then professes that this was not the most effective way to get their point across.

The Times editorial is perceived to imply that teachers should just stay in their lane, not make waves, write letters and make phone calls if they must, and then depend on the “good intentions" of government officials as they acknowledge their pain.

Well, educators have spent the last decade following the usual “acceptable” courses of action but to no avail. The statistics of state funding for public schools falling well below the rate of inflation, with the worst teacher salaries relative to inflation in the nation, speak for themselves.

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Only a rally of this magnitude, where teachers, administrators, school board members and parents, in the tens of thousands, have worked together to change school calendars (not “cancel” classes), will drive home the message that the entire education community of this State has given notice that “enough is enough”. The message is clear. Legislators must not ignore this shot across the bow. Public school educators are united, are organized and are motivated.

The Red for Ed movement is not going away. It will be there for Election 2020.

Tony Lux, Crown Point