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LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Shellady illogic misleads public

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Shellady illogic misleads public

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Scott Shellady’s April 25 column about “this whole mask/vaccine thing” did a dangerous disservice. It reached conclusions that reject logic.

That may be acceptable on social media, but not in print in the midst of a global pandemic. If readers act upon the illogic there, more people will die and the pandemic will go on longer and wider, with the chance for it to mutate into Pandemic 2.0.

Shellady disparages vaccination for COVID. His reasoning seems to be, “Don’t get vaccinated, because everyone around you will get vaccinated.” Or put another way: “Go ahead and cough into the salad bar because everyone has agreed not to cough into the salad bar. And remove that sneeze guard thing; it cramps my style.” His logic has no logic.

He claims “we will have herd immunity soon,” but the mutations that unvaccinated people are enabling and feeding could be deadlier and more contagious. Or not. But could be. The Mayo Clinic writes, “Given the challenges, it’s not clear if or when the U.S. will achieve herd immunity.” Those challenges include commentators misleading people about a widespread and ongoing disease that sickens and kills.

A wise one would advise: Let’s not even chance it. Do a little something for your country in a crisis: follow the work of public health experts and follow their advice.

Brian Williams, Valparaiso


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