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How sad and selfish a recent letter to the editor sounded when the writer showed how little he understands why supporting public schools and teachers is so important to the future health and viability of our society in all manners.

The State of Indiana has not given our teachers a raise in many years, pile mandatory testing of students, require teachers to pursue further degrees, forces teachers to spend their own money on supplies for the classroom and generally expect schools to monitor and report to the state students paths of further education, job status or lack thereof two years post graduation.

How on earth can they do that? The demands placed upon public schools and teachers are excessive and unsustainable. Teaching as a desirable profession has become less and less as fewer high school grads choose it.

My own daughter is a public school teacher who loves her students and teaching, but is exhausted and disappointed with her job because for all her education, training and dedication, not to mention the emotional support she delves out willingly to her students who come to her with personal problems and issues, she is not adequately compensated monetarily.

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We need good dedicated people who love their jobs teaching, because the future is our kids, whether you have kids or not, what they do and how successful they are benefits society as a whole.

Jeff from Chesterton, you live in an affluent community where schools are better quality. Ask a teacher there, though, if she believes the state can do more to help her help her students. The answer the state has given so far is to make teachers and administrators beg their community for increased property taxes to pay for better conditions through referendums. This is a cop-out for the Indiana Legislature who hang on to money for education when communities are begging for help. I’ll bet when Jeff went to school, teachers didn’t go door to door asking their neighbors to pay a little more. Our state was more generous back then and saw the need to fund schools adequately. Please support public education and vote for candidates that do too!

Laura Cheek, Calumet Township