I feel there were some very crucial details that were not included.

Portage Township Schools did not cancel classes nor did they schedule an E-Learning day. They rescheduled an existing No School day. Instead of having January 10 off of school, we had November 19 off. Was this inconvenient? Sure. But my child isn't losing out on any of his education.

Next, your piece implied that these teachers just decided one day to get up and walk out of school. That is not the case. These teachers have been fighting for years to get better wages in a state that boasts a tax surplus. They have tried to be heard. These teachers, lots of them women by the way, are having to work multiple jobs. All so that they can educate our children.

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Furthermore, the expectations that we place on teachers are ever increasing. In any other field of work, if there was a change in expectations, the employee would have the right to request a pay increase. Why not teachers? The difference, they have to ask the government for pay increases.

Rachel Rivera, Portage