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LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Vaccine mandates wrong

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Vaccine mandates wrong

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President Biden and special interests who profit from the vaccine industry want everyone to get COVID-19 vaccines despite risks that are real and proven.

On Sept. 16, WIBC radio in Indianapolis reported that 125 health workers at I.U. Health quit their jobs rather than take the COVID-19 vaccine.

A report from NPR on Sept. 13 reported that a hospital in New York will stop delivering babies for a while. The hospital required maternity workers to get the COVID-19 vaccine and many quit their jobs rather than get the shot. What do these hospital workers know about the vaccine that the average person does not?

On June 10, CNN Senior Medical Correspondent Elizabeth Cohen reported that both the Israeli Ministry of Health and an advisors’ report posted on the CDC website on June 1 cite a probable link between Covid-19 vaccinations and myocarditis (inflammation of the heart muscles) in young adults, especially young men.

Forcing people to take a vaccine that has definitely hurt other people is wrong. People have a right to resist those who want to risk harming them for the sake of corporate or government policy.

Corporations that force employees to get vaccinated should be sued to protect rights of the employees and to collect damages for harming employees.

Woodrow Wilcox, Dyer


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