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Day after day, Democratic leaders and the media have smeared and attacked Donald Trump, his family and associates in efforts to end his presidency. They've peddled the false tale of Trump-Russian collusion since the day Trump won the presidency.

Now that the Trump-Russian election collusion has been proven false (no apologies given), they've jumped onto the "obstruction of justice" bandwagon with baseless threats of impeachment once again and renewed hysteria.

Trump's political foes remain unwilling to accept the people's choice for president. They've denounced the Russian election interference (consisting of mostly using social media platforms and hacking Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee) yet continue their own attempts to change the result. Their interference and meddling include campaign spying, leaking confidential information, spreading salacious falsehoods, promoting the fake Trump-Russian collusion tale, harassment with baseless investigations and impeachment threats, etc.

No president should ever have to endure these third-world tactics.

Milly Rich, Crown Point



Marc Chase is a veteran investigative reporter, columnist and editor of more than two decades. He currently leads The Times news staff as local news editor. He can be reached at 219-933-3327.