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2017 Letters to the editor stock

A recent letter illustrates the naiveté that people display about halting the unending litany of school shootings. Misguided individuals focus on guns, when the real problem is people-related.

The perpetrators have been psychopathic school-age individuals seeking retribution for some undetermined wrongs committed against them. Yet nothing is said about using comprehensive mental-health screening tools to identify, treat and isolate deranged teens from the general school population before they can wreak havoc. Why?

All the present gun laws have not prevented these massacres, and any new laws will also be ineffective. Short of complete confiscation of firearms by a totalitarian police-state government, mentally ill kids will find a way to illegally obtain weapons and use them to slaughter their fellow students.

Until student mental health issues are addressed, school shootings will continue unabated. Perhaps the tagline for the gun-control movement should be changed from “March for Our Lives" to “Run for Our Lives."

George Mrak, Highland