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2017 Letters to the editor stock

A few weeks ago, Indiana’s education system changed drastically. In the General Assembly’s special session, the Legislature passed HB 1315, a law designed to heavily curb educational budgets.

The bill specifically singles out two school districts, in Muncie and Gary. While I will certainly admit that both of these systems are overdue for reform and improvement, the bill rips all authority away from democratically elected school boards, and even goes so far as to remove the necessity for the Gary School Board to even meet. There are many imperfections in schools across the state, but treating elected officials who know the lay of the land as impotent will only lead to more dysfunction that our children will have to endure.

Quality education, and real education reform, can benefit our schools. However, reform should begin at the ground level, with the student, instead of deciding who can take over a school district. HB 1315 falls short of its reform promise.

Connor Meyer, Munster



Marc Chase is a veteran investigative reporter, columnist and editor of more than two decades. He currently leads The Times news staff as local news editor. He can be reached at 219-933-3327.