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January 2017

Mom goes in to have a biopsy done on a lump in her throat. By now we already know the breast cancer she has been battling for 20 years has metastasized into her bones, liver and other organs. The doctor is planning a tracheotomy until the lump can be tested.

February 2017

Mom's test come back positive for a slow-growing cancer. We notice a lump on her head and have it tested. It is breast cancer. We also notice she is losing her short-term memory. We move her to my house until she can get better.

June 2017

My wife has surgery to reconstruct breast from a double mastectomy and subsequent chemo in 2013. After cleared by a doctor, she goes to New Hampshire to recover. Four days later she is having emergency surgery in Boston because her skin is black. The implant was taken out, and the dead skin removed, leaving a 2-by-6-inch gap in her chest.

Mom has been entered in a home-hospice program.

My days now consist of taking care of Mom, repacking the hole in my wife's chest and trying to keep focused at work.

July 2017

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Wife has major surgery removing a large portion of skin from her back and moving it to her front to begin rebuilding her breast and cover the hole in her chest.

Mom is rarely eating and communicates less and less. The hospice nurse points out the large area on her chest that is breast cancer coming to the surface.

September 2017

Mom dies. Her cause of death is extensive metastatic breast cancer.

My wife has more surgeries to reconstruct breasts.

This is just a brief description of what happened.

It would take a lot more than 300 words to describe all that was going on.

The battle continues to this day.

Paul Kullmann, Valparaiso