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Donald Trump campaigned on bringing back factory jobs, like those in the steel industry. And last April, he announced an investigation into steel imports, saying rising imports were a potential national security risk. It sounded like he was going to make good on that campaign promise.

But the investigation has wrapped up, and the president still hasn’t announced what he’s going to do with it.

What is he waiting for?

While the president has delayed, steel imports have spiked. Importers are rushing to get in before the investigation is finished. That’s leading to furloughs and layoffs — more and more pressure on an industry that didn’t need it.

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But we need steelmaking in this country. Steel goes into infrastructure, like bridges, powerlines and pipelines, and it goes into the defense industry to make jet fighters, battleships, tanks and troop carriers. That kind of stuff should be made in America, not imported from countries like China or Russia.

The reason these imports are flooding in is because imports are cheap — and the reason they’re cheap is because the world’s biggest steelmakers are in China, where the bills get paid by their government. They don’t care about supply and demand, they only care about controlling the whole market.

That’s not fair to American steelworkers, and it’s not safe for our country. Hurry up and act, President Trump!

Michael Millsap Jr., Lake Station