Friendly Foot Care


Special hours: Every 2nd Friday morning we are closed from 8:00-9:30 am for our Team Meeting. Thursdays the doctors do not see patients in the office because this is they day they do surgery.

About Friendly Foot Care

Friendly Footcare provides the highest quality care for Medicine and Surgery of the foot and ankle. It all starts with caring.

We are trained in all aspects of foot and ankle care and surgery, and there are few problems we cannot treat. More than providing superb, state-of-the-art care, we go about treating patients quite differently. Our podiatrists try to get to know each patient, and cater to their special needs. For example, any patient who has an out-patient foot or ankle procedure is personally called by the doctor within 24 hours of returning home, and each patient is given the doctor’s pager number in case they have any questions or concerns.

Patients will find that our office has a large, airy lobby with television, comfortable roomy chairs with sturdy wide arm rests, beautiful coffee table books and magazines, and foot rests so you can elevate your sore feet. Our treatment rooms have calming tranquil colors with seascape photos on the walls, and our specialized “podiatry” chairs are each equipped with heated massaging mats that patients can adjust to their individual needs.

Some examples of the special treatment you can expect include:

Laser surgery for plantar warts and other foot and ankle problems.

Tiny incision arthroscopic surgery for ankle pain and ankle arthritis.

Revolutionary PRP (platelet rich plasma) treatment for foot, ankle and Achilles tendon pain.

In-office “no-needle” diagnostic testing of nerve problems, neuropathy and pinched nerves.

State-of-the-art computerized gait analysis.

Heel pain treated with the revolutionary Endoscopic Release Procedure.

I.V. Sedation or “twilight sleep” is available for patients needing surgery.

In-office vascular testing to check for circulation problems.

Specialized diagnostic foot and ankle ultrasound to accurately diagnosis podiatric problems.

For patients who need surgery, we often use a “plastic surgery” wound closure technique – this means there are no sutures to take out and usually the scar is much less visible.

In-office x-ray, specifically designed for evaluating heel, foot and ankle problems. Skilled at alleviating nerve problems and neuropathy (our podiatrists use techniques developed by John Hopkins Medical School professor Dr. Lee Dellon, one of the top peripheral neurosurgeons in the world.)

Our podiatrists utilize Swiss screw compression techniques to alleviate arthritis, bunions, hammertoes and other bone problems of the foot and ankle. Skilled at correcting flat feet and fallen arches with the tiny MBA implant for children and adults.

Wound care with the new wound vacuum, artificial skin grafts, hyperbaric oxygen, and the use of antibiotic impregnated beads.
State-of-the-art flouroscan x-ray lets us see the bones in your foot and ankle "live" as you move them.

We are open six days a week and evening appointments are available. Convenient location on Broadway, just south of the VA Clinic and across from the Ace Hardware.

Ample parking and the building and office are handicap accessible (we have extra wide hallways to accommodate wheelchairs). Most insurance and Workers Compensation accepted. All major credit cards accepted. We offer affordable payment plans.

For your convenience, we try to schedule appointments around your schedule, and make every effort to see patients who are in pain within 48 hours, and we file insurance for you.


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