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Meet Polly! When she first came to us she was skin and bones. She has come along way and is... View on PetFinder

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Naturally shed antlers make great chew toys since they’re stronger than real animal bones. Replace worn antlers.

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Skip the traditional bone and opt for this T-Rex toy in a chicken, beef or unflavored option. This toy cleans teeth and freshens breath as dogs chew on it. Available at Amazon, Petco and Chewy

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Keeping the palm of your hand broad and soft, stroke downward from the bone behind your ear to where your collar bones meet your chest bone. Use your left hand to massage the right side of your neck, and your right hand to massage the left side of your neck.

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A 1-cup portion of raw blackberries packs about 25% of the Daily Value for vitamin K, which helps the blood to clot and is essential for your bones. Vitamin K is required for bone formation, and several studies have shown that a shortfall is linked to increased risk of fracture and osteoporosis. The manganese in blackberries (you’ll get 150% of the DV in 1 cup) also supports bone health, as well as collagen production for healthy skin and joints.

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Breaks a bone in his left foot in the third game of his second season and misses 64 games. The Bulls win 30 games despite his absence and snag a playoff berth.

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Be honest with yourself. What have you tried over the years, really, because all your in-the-know friends were raving about it?

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Metal implements made by blacksmiths oftentimes have legendary strength because the working of the metal, like kneading of dough, makes its structure finer, more homogeneous. As the material is shaped, it develops directional strength, much like wood is stronger along the direction of its grain. However, no human blacksmith can deal with parts the size of aircraft landing gear or have the reproducibility and stamina to make the parts needed for our economy.

If you thought you were out of ways to spoil your dog, guess again. Wickedbone is a smart phone controlled “smart bone” that allows you to play with your dog and keep them active and engaged throughout the day, even when you’re swamped with work emails or house chores.

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