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Birds, too, will intertwine as a sign of affection. Many birds mate for life, and they not only embrace but have their own little dances they …

Comfortable bed sheets can completely transform the way you sleep, but high-quality sheets can just as highly priced. That’s where Amazon-brand microfiber sheets come in. AmazonBasics is building up a stock high quality, low priced home goods and this affordable sheet set is no exception.


Memorial Day is just around the corner, which means summer is just about here! Whether you want to spend the day playing lawn games with friends and family, or prefer to just sit back with a cool drink, this roundup of outdoor picks will have you covered.


Weighted blankets can provide huge relief for those who suffer from insomnia or nighttime anxiety, but the same people are often hot sleepers who have difficulty staying under heavy blankets. This anti-gravity blanket designed for hot sleepers is the perfect solution.


Where and how you restrain a cat or dog in your SUV is crucial for its safety.