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Neuroscientist Richard Davidson, a professor of psychiatry at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the founder and director of the Center for Healthy Minds, has helped create a series of meditative soundtracks to cope with the anxiety of the election.

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“ALWAYS ask for discounts,” says reader Mitch Goldberg. “You would be surprised at the number of businesses and attractions that give substantial discounts to veterans, AAA members, teachers, students, etc. I have saved thousands when traveling by simply asking.”

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The devastating war in Syria has recently moved into a new phase which could be described as one of "consolidation." With the help of Russia a…

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Because the natural gas infrastructure is so vast, it is not possible to measure every leak from every faulty valve or fitting. Indeed, we don’t even have accurate estimates of the total number of valves and fittings. The best way to estimate the total amount of methane emissions from the natural gas infrastructure is to perform as many measurements as possible from as many different types of components as possible. The reason that one has to perform hundreds or even thousands of measurements from each type of equipment is so that you can capture the high-emitting sources (the so-called super-emitters), which are low in number but their emissions are so high that they can account for 50% to 80% of the total emissions.

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It's nice that Chris Chyung is leading a tribute to remember the Muslims killed in a New Zealand mosque recently, but how come no one stands u…

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Officially, that's hard to say. North Korea rarely releases much information about these sorts of events ahead of time, though they have sent out invitations to diplomats living here.

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The Senate Judiciary Committee has been able to review the more than 300 legal opinions Kavanaugh has authored and the hundreds more he has joined as a circuit court judge.

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When I told friends that my wife and I were heading to Johannesburg -- which had just been hit by torrential rain and flooding -- for a family wedding over Easter, they joked about how lucky we were to be able to take deep baths and long showers.

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