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NEW YORK | Scenes from Dallas related to the assassination of John F. Kennedy are seared into the memories of people around the world — Dealey Plaza, the Texas Book Depository, the "grassy knoll," the corridor of the city police headquarters where Lee Harvey Oswald met his end. Several of th…


HIGHLAND | Theresa Pecsek was only 2 when John F. Kennedy was assassinated, but she developed an unusual connection to this watershed moment in U.S. history.


WASHINGTON | Honoring the legacy of John F. Kennedy, President Barack Obama laid a wreath at the assassinated president's gravesite as a nation remembers that terrible day in Dallas a half-century ago Friday. Obama also recognized a group of distinguished Americans — including Bill Clinton a…


BOSTON | There's no shortage of places for people to share memories of where they were 50 years ago when they found out John F. Kennedy had been assassinated. But a website debuting Monday aims to take the focus from past to future by asking people of all ages — even those who weren't alive …


DALLAS | The mementos are everywhere, preserved for five decades by people who wish they could forget: Letters of grief and thanks, in a widow's hand. An unwanted wedding band. A rose stained with blood.

Fifty years ago this Friday I was preparing to make my stage debut as the town drunk in Thornton Wilder's "Our Town" when the shots range out in Dallas and everything changed.