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Times prep baseball stats

Times prep baseball stats

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Valparaiso, Munster

Munster's Derrick Wiening, right, has a 1.172 on-base plus slugging mark this season.


Batting Average (minimum 10 plate app.)

Player, team;avg.

Jared Comia, Hanover Central;.625

Jayke Putz, Morgan Township;.615

Todd Klomp Jr., Covenant Christian;.556

Isaac Vanderwoude, Illiana Christian;.556

Cade Walker, Hanover Central;.538

Andy Schrock, Portage Christian;.538

Brady Schrock, Portage Christian;.538

Jackson Taylor, Portage Christian;.533

Blaze Cano, Hanover Central;.529

Nehemiah Parrish, Wheeler;.526

Rex Stills, Wheeler;.526

Drew Grennes, Hebron;.500

Aiden Companiott, Bishop Noll;.462

Sean Conroy, Wheeler;.462

Danny Lira, Wheeler;.455

Matthew Brownlee, Calumet Christian;.444

Jevan Andrews, Hobart;.440

Bret Matthys, Hanover Central;.438

Tyler Feddeler, Kankakee Valley;.435

Ben Breiner, Munster;.429

Jaden Deel, Hobart;.423

Jayce Bultema, Covenant Christian;.417

Evan Blankman, Gavit;.412

Brady Ginaven, Munster;.412

Colin Majda, Washington Township;.412

Jordan Landkrohn, Calumet Christian;.400

Ian VanBeek, Illiana Christian;.400

Joe Rubarts, Morgan Township;.400

Bretin Boettcher, Washington Township;.400

Ben Fifield, Washington Township;.400

Damian Ruoff, Wheeler;.400

Trevor Roy, Hebron;.385

Ryan Ellis, Hobart;.379

Nate Lemmons, Morgan Township;.375

On-base plus slugging

Player, school;OPS

Todd Klomp Jr., Covenant Christian;1.889

Cade Walker, Hanover Central;1.878

Jared Comia, Hanover Central;1.852

Brady Schrock, Portage Christian;1.725

Jordan Landkrohn, Calumet Christian;1.660

Isaac Vanderwoude, Illiana Christian;1.556

Jayke Putz, Morgan Township;1.493

Bret Matthys, Hanover Central;1.464

Andy Schrock, Portage Christian;1.446

Jaden Deel, Hobart;1.367

Rex Stills, Wheeler;1.354

Blaze Cano, Hanover Central;1.344

Nehemiah Parrish, Wheeler;1.324

Brady Ginaven, Munster;1.206

Derrick Wiening, Munster;1.172

Tyler Feddeler, Kankakee Valley;1.171

Colin Majda, Washington Township;1.150

Drew Grennes, Hebron;1.138

Cameron Tymm, Calumet Christian;1.136

Jackson Taylor, Portage Christian;1.133

Sean Conroy, Wheeler;1.126

Jayce Bultema, Covenant Christian;1.116

Matthew Brownlee, Calumet Christian;1.109

Jevan Andrews, Hobart;1.105

Danny Lira, Wheeler;1.083

Ian VanBeek, Illiana Christian;1.055

James Hernandez, Washington Township;1.033

Cameron Gonzalez, Hobart;1.030

Ryan Ellis, Hobart;1.023

Evan Blankman, Gavit;1.016

Nate Lemmons, Morgan Township;1.006

Ben Fifield, Washington Township;1.004

Damian Ruoff, Wheeler;.978

Gunnar Howes, Hanover Central;.974

Kevin Corcoran, Illiana Christian;.974

Caden Dykhuizen, Kankakee Valley;.940

Joe Rubarts, Morgan Township;.938

Trevor Roy, Hebron;.929

Bryce Niksich, Hobart;.929

Ben Breiner, Munster;.905

Isaiah Steinhilber, Hebron;.900

Runs scored

Player, team;runs

Jordan Landkrohn, Calumet Christian;14

Ryan Ellis, Hobart;14

Jevan Andrews, Hobart;14

Jaden Deel, Hobart;14

Nehemiah Parrish, Wheeler;11

Damian Ruoff, Wheeler;11

Josh Dizanni, Calumet Christian;9

Matt Caldwell, Kankakee Valley;9

Cameron Tymm, Calumet Christian;8

Ivan Balboa, Hobart;8

Ryan Tinnel, Kankakee Valley;8

Sean Conroy, Wheeler;8

Aiden Companiott, Bishop Noll;7

Matt Salazar, Bishop Noll;7

Ethan Duensing, Calumet Christian;7

Bret Matthys, Hanover Central;7

Cade Walker, Hanover Central;7

Kyle Feterick, Hobart;7

Cameron Gonzalez, Hobart;7

Caden Dykhuizen, Kankakee Valley;7

Jayke Putz, Morgan Township;7

Derrick Wiening, Munster;7

Jake Thometz, Munster;7

Rex Stills, Wheeler;7

Paul Peters, Calumet Christian;6

Collin Tymm, Calumet Christian;6

Blaze Cano, Hanover Central;6

Marc Enslen, Hobart;6

Nate Lemmons, Morgan Township;6

Tyler Lukowski, Munster;6

Brady Schrock, Portage Christian;6

James Hernandez, Washington Township;6

Jackson Taylor, Portage Christian;6

Danny Lira, Wheeler;6

Christian Ayala, Bishop Noll;5

Jacob Rosa, Bishop Noll;5

Jose Salas, Bishop Noll;5

Carter Tymm, Calumet Christian;5

Evan Blankman, Gavit;5

Ryan Peppers, Gavit;5

Jared Comia, Hanover Central;5

Stanley Galbreath, Hanover Central;5

Adam Graham, Hanover Central;5

Gannon Howes, Hanover Central;5

Trevor Roy, Hebron;5

Kevin Corcoran, Illiana Christian;5

Isaac Vanderwoude, Illiana Christian;5

Dylan Holmes, Kankakee Valley;5

Joe Rubarts, Morgan Township;5

Andy Schrock, Portage Christian;5

Jackson Smith, Wheeler;5

Mathieu Jadrych, Bishop Noll;4

Gunnar Howes, Hanover Central;4

Zach Zychowski, Hanover Central;4

Isaiah Steinhilber, Hebron;4

Tyler Feddeler, Kankakee Valley;4

Colton Pribyl, Kankakee Valley;4

Ben Breiner, Munster;4

Chris Iatrides, Munster;4

Joey Blake, Portage Christian;4

Jason Orsag, Portage Christian;4

Kaleb Short, River Forest;4

Colin Majda, Washington Township;4

Runs batted in

Player, school;RBIs

Jordan Landkrohn, Calumet Christian;15

Jaden Deel, Hobart;11

Colton Pribyl, Kankakee Valley;9

Caden Vanderhere, Kankakee Valley;9

Jevan Andrews, Hobart;8

Caden Dykhuisen, Kankakee Valley;8

Rex Stills, Wheeler;8

Alex Ortiz, Bishop Noll;7

Cameron Tymm, Calumet Christian;7

Bret Matthys, Hanover Central;7

Ivan Balboa, Hobart;7

Kaidin Click, Hobart;7

Marc Enslen, Hobart;7

Daniel Huerta, Bishop Noll;6

Ethan Lopez, Bishop Noll;6

Josh Dizanni, Calumet Christian;6

Ethan Duensing, Calumet Christian;6

Evan Blankman, Gavit;6

Cade Walker, Hanover Central;6

Kyle Feterick, Hobart;6

Cameron Gonzalez, Hobart;6

Bryce Niksich, Hobart;6

Tyler Feddeler, Kankakee Valley;6

Derrick Wiening, Munster;6

Brady Schrock, Portage Christian;6

Bretin Boettcher, Washington Township;6

Danny Lira, Wheeler;6

Nehemiah Parrish, Wheeler;6

Jackson Smith, Wheeler;6

Gabe Velasquez, Calumet Christian;5

Blaze Cano, Hanover Central;5

Stanley Galbreath, Hanover Central;5

Gunnar Howes, Hanover Central;5

Jayke Putz, Morgan Township;5

Andy Schrock, Portage Christian;5

Aiden Companiott, Bishop Noll;4

Matt Salazar, Bishop Noll;4

Ryan Ellis, Hobart;4

Aaron Gouwens, Illiana Christian;4

Ryan Tinnel, Kankakee Valley;4

Ben Breiner, Munster;4

Denham Kozy, Munster;4

Tyler Lukowski, Munster;4

Jake Thometz, Munster;4

Evan Wittkamp, Munster;4

Joey Blake, Portage Christian;4

Jackson Taylor, Portage Christian;4

Sean Conroy, Wheeler;4

Mason Leckrone, Wheeler;4

Home runs

Player, school;total

Jordan Landkrohn, Calumet Christian;4

Cade Walker, Hanover Central;2

Jaden Deel, Hobart;2

Earned run average (minimum 8 innings pitched)

Kevin Corcoran, Illiana Christian;0.00

Peyton Olejnik, Hanover Central;0.64

Jackson Taylor, Portage Christian;0.70

Bret Matthys, Hanover Central;0.78

Justin Bobb, Munster;0.84

Rex Stills, Wheeler;1.08

Cameron Gonzalez, Hobart;1.29

Todd Klomp Jr., Covenant Christian;1.75

Jack Wheeler, Morgan Township;1.83

Ethan Duensing, Calumet Christian;2.10

Gavin Gallagher, Hobart;2.33

Bryce Schaum, Munster;2.39

Gabe Velasquez, Calumet Christian;2.62

Steven Hernandez, Washington Township;3.06

James Hernandez, Washington Township;3.11

Ivan Balboa, Hobart;3.50

Walks and hits per innings pitched

Player, team;WHIP

Kevin Corcoran, Illiana Christian;0.50

Jackson Taylor, Portage Christian;0.50

Justin Bobb, Munster;0.72

Rex Stills, Wheeler;0.77

Bret Matthys, Hanover Central;0.78

Gavin Gallagher, Hobart;1.00

Jack Wheeler, Morgan Township;1.04

Peyton Olejnik, Hanover Central;1.09

Ethan Duensing, Calumet Christian;1.20

Todd Klomp Jr., Covenant Christian;1.25

Cameron Gonzalez, Hobart;1.46

Steven Hernandez, Washington Township;1.50

Bryce Schaum, Munster;1.64

James Hernandez, Washington Township;1.77

Strikeout rate (K per batters faced)

Player, team;rate

Gavin Gallagher, Hobart;66.7%

Jackson Taylor, Portage Christian;60.5%

Kevin Corcoran, Illiana Christian;53.8%

Ryan Peppers, Gavit;51.2%

Bret Matthys, Hanover Central;46.0%

Rex Stills, Wheeler;41.1%

Peyton Olejnik, Hanover Central;39.1%

Bryce Schaum, Munster;38.6%

Todd Klomp Jr., Covenant Christian;38.5%

Jack Wheeler, Morgan Township;37.1%

James Hernandez, Washington Township;34.1%

Caden Vanderhere, Kankakee Valley;28.3%

Cameron Gonzalez, Hobart;24.7%

Ethan Duensing, Calumet Christian;24.4%

Justin Bobb, Munster;21.9%

Luke Terpstra, Covenant Christian;21.8%

Ivan Balboa, Hobart;18.5%

Max Hunter, Kankakee Valley;18.5%

Tyler Feddeler, Kankakee Valley;14.8%

Steven Hernandez, Washington Township;14.7%

Will Vukobratovich, Gavit;14.1%

Jeremy Criswell, River Forest;12.7%

Batting average against

Player, school;BAA

Gavin Gallagher, Hobart;0.48

Kevin Corcoran, Illiana Christian;.083

Jackson Taylor, Portage Christian;.086

Rex Stills, Wheeler;.128

Peyton Olejnik, Hanover Central;.132

Bret Matthys, Hanover Central;.143

Todd Klomp Jr., Covenant Christian;.200

Jack Wheeler, Morgan Township;.214

Gabe Velasquez, Calumet Christian;.217

Cameron Gonzalez, Hobart;.222

Ryan Peppers, Gavit;.242

Ethan Duensing, Calumet Christian;.243

Caden Vanderhere, Kankakee Valley;.250

James Hernandez, Washington Township;.263

Jeremy Criswell, River Forest;.280

Ivan Balboa, Hobart;.286

Steven Hernandez, Washington Township;.290

Note: Compiled by Correspondent Johnny Gorches


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