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MUNSTER — Addy Andello can’t hide anymore.

After a breakout sophomore season, the Munster junior will likely be marked by opposing defenses all year — and with good reason.

Andello was a key cog in the wheel of the 2016 Mustangs, who were stopped by Penn one game short of the state championship.

“We have to rebuild, but every year we have new players,” Andello said. “Being a junior, I feel like I need to step up and make everyone else know that we need to advance like we did last year.”

It was Andello’s header in the final minutes against Carroll in the semistate semifinal that pushed Munster deeper into the state tournament than any Class 2A school in the Region has been in a decade.

“(Olivia) Foley gets the ball and I just started running. Foley just had a long ball and I just told myself ‘Run straight. Just go right to the goalie,’” Andello said. “It happened in seconds and it’s just the best memory. All the fans were just cheering and it was great.”

That was one of a school-record 27 goals Andello scored last season. Adding the nine she put into the nylon as a ninth-grader puts her within single digits of the Munster career record with two full seasons left to play.

“It’s awesome being known, but then I have a target on my back,” she said. “It makes me more hungry. Every day at practice, individually and as a team, I really want to work harder so we can win.”

Munster coach Val Pflum said Andello arrived at Munster a little more polished than most.

“Her learning curve wasn’t as steep as (an) incoming freshman, so she was able to progress faster,” Pflum said. “I would say the biggest weakness for her was just the physicality of the game.”

The beautiful game is coded into the DNA of the Andello family. Her brother, Austin, played for Munster. Her father, Tony, did also and coached numerous club teams. Grandpa Vito coached at Purdue Calumet and helped start the Munster Soccer Club.

“(Munster soccer) is just like home,” Addy Andello said. “I danced when I was really little, but when I played soccer I just realized that this was my sport. I just loved the game.

“It’s in my genes. I didn’t feel like I had to. I wanted to.”

What Andello wants for her junior campaign is more.

“(I want) to build up what we did last year, to make something great happen again this year,” she said. “All of the seniors and (juniors), we’re trying to teach the young ones that we’ve made it really far and we want it to happen again.”