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Community Bridge Club

March 9 Results

Joe Chin and George Roeper 2.63

Dave Bigler and Ram Prasad 1.73

Jim O’Connell and Barbara Graegin 1.73

Dee Marshall and Donna Penn 1.51

Marilyn and John Ginzel 1.13

Jim Angell and Carolyn Potasnik 1.11

Don Giedemann and Judy Selund 0.85

Anna Urick and John Polles 0.64

Calumet Bridge Club

March 11 Results


Karen Sarsfield and Claire Murvihill 1.81

Steve Watson and Joe Chin 1.35

Hilda Connor and Peggy Kiernan 1.28

Roger Sokol and Barbara Graegin 1.02

Alan Yngve and Mike Brissette 0.80

Trudi McKamey and Pat Mikuta 0.72

Carol Miller and Barbara Lawson 0.60


Joan and Bob Butz 3.21

Dan Spain and Lou Nimnicht 2.41

Larry Dunford and Mary Kocevar 1.07

Ruth Westberg and Al Simmons 0.80

Indra Gupta and Mary Schultz 0.57

Charlotte Abernethy and Anna Urick 0.41

Beach Bridge Club

March 12 Results

Laverne Niksch and Terry Bauer 1.57

Bob Porter and Bob Ferguson 1.57

Norm Szewczyk and Yuan Hsu 1.57

Duneland Bridge Club

March 12 Results

Chuck and Marcy Tomes 0.90

Sharon Snyder and Dolores Browne 0.63

Terry Bauer and Dottie Hart 0.45

Don Giedemann and Joel Charpentier 0.34

Tom and Lori Rea 0.20

Community Bridge Club

March 13 Results

Lou Nimnicht and Steve Watson 2.48

Barbara Stroud and Janice Custer 1.86

Dave Bigler and Conrad Staudacher 1.40

Terry Bauer and Dee Marshall 1.05

Jim O’Connell and Barbara Graegin 0.78

Anna Urick and Daryl Fraley 0.77

Barbara Walczak and Bob Ferguson 0.51

Bob Porter and Pat Mikuta 0.51

Mary Kocevar and Sandy Yeiser 0.38

Valparaiso Bridge Club

March 13 Results

Rick Friedman and Ed Hollander 0.66

Chuck Tomes and Dolores Browne 0.66

Norm Filipiak and Charlie Halberstadt 0.66

Sylvia and Tom Luekens 0.34