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Sisters Megan Chandler, left, and Daphne Glover raced in the USA Triathlon Age Group Championships this weekend in Cleveland. Glover will participate in the ITU World Championships in Lausanne, Switzerland, which takes place Aug. 29 to Sept. 1.

Daphne Glover’s goals for the USA Triathlon Age Group National Championships in Cleveland this weekend weren’t based on a time, winning or even finishing in any given position.

“(I want to) dig as deep as I possibly can,” the St. John native said. “Race smart, have fun and push hard! When it starts to hurt, don’t let up. Find that next gear and push beyond the pain.”

Glover and her sister, Megan Chandler, finished the course on the shore of Lake Erie. Glover finished in 2:21:16, good enough for 32nd in her age group, 302nd among women and 1,216th overall.

Chandler, of Fort Wayne, finished at 2:31:02 for 72nd, 513th and 1,601st.

Glover will race in the International Triathlon World Championships with Team USA at the end of the month in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Both sisters got their athletic starts swimming at Lake Central.

“I love that we share this common love for triathlon. We are so lucky to have each other to lean on for support while participating in this sport,” Glover said.

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Glover, who lives in Chicago, said she stopped swimming after high school but picked up running, mostly for exercise.

“I started by doing 5k and 10ks. After watching my mom (Penny Glover) run her first marathon in her 50s, I decided I wanted to run one, too,” Glover said.

She’s since run 10 marathons, including the 2007 Boston Marathon for which she trained with an injury. Doctors said she wouldn’t be able to run until a week before the race, so she did all her training on a stationary bike.

“At the time, I thought (it) was crazy and that there was no way this was going to be enough to get me through a marathon,” Glover said. “Well, it was (enough) and I ended up having a faster Boston that year than I had a few years prior with being healthy and able to run.”

The experience showed her that the miles of running needed to train for marathons was difficult on her body. So, Glover switched to triathlons, getting back to her swimming roots.

She’s been a certified USA Triathlon coach for 10 years and the Ironman coach for Chicago Endurance Sports for eight.

“I actually love the pain of training and racing. I’m in search of how fast I can go. What am I truly capable of accomplishing? How much pain can I take and keep moving forward?” she said. “I don’t believe I’ve come close yet to what I can accomplish in this sport and that’s what drives me.”