'Tick, Tick....Boom

"Tick, Tick...Boom" runs July 18 through 28 at Canterbury Summer Theatre.

John Berst, director of Michigan City’s Canterbury Summer Theatre’s production of “Tick, Tick … Boom!” thinks anyone who has crossed a birthday milestone will be able to relate to his production of the acclaimed musical.

“Anyone who has been confronted with any kind of passage or any kind of transition or marker of maturity can relate to this story,” he said. “If there’s a threshold, that means something is waiting for you on the other side, and that’s the unknown, and that can be scary for anyone.”

Opening July 18 and running through July 28, “Tick” is the tale of Jon, an aspiring theater composer closing in on his 30th birthday and contemplating his career choice. Life and lifestyle is also weighing heavy on John’s girlfriend, Susan, while their friend, Michael, has forged ahead with a fruitful new career path away from the creative strata.

“Tick” was penned by Jonathan Larson, who also created the mammoth 1996 musical “Rent.” Larson performed “Tick” as a one-man show in the early '90s and, following his unexpected passing in 1996, was resurrected as a three-person show by David Auburn, who won a Pulitzer for his 2001 drama “Proof.”

Featuring songs such as “30/90,” “Real Life” and “See Her Smile,” “Tick” made its off-Broadway debut in 2002 and was nominated for seven Drama Desk Awards, including Best Musical and a joint nomination for Larson and Auburn for Best Book of a Musical.

“There are some reflective moments, but there are a lot of fun and silly moments. too,” Berst said. “The music is very catchy … it’s not quite as hard rock as ‘Rent’ is, but it’s very contemporary sounding. But it’s also very tuneful to people of any generation.”

Jesse Kortus is Jon, Rosa Campbell is Susan and Andrew Palmintier is Michael in Canterbury’s production of “Tick.”

“They’re great,” Berst said of his cast. “They’ve worked together in the past and they’re all very talented.”

Next up for Canterbury Summer Theatre is a production of the comedy “A Texas Romance,” scheduled to open Aug. 2.

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