5 tips for adventure travel in 2020

5 tips for adventure travel in 2020

Here in 2020, the idea of "adventure travel" is a loaded concept.

Sometimes it's associated with active, athletic activities, like hiking, biking, snorkeling and scuba diving. Other times it is used to express the idea of getting off the beaten path, like taking a safari, visiting a remote village, camping or staying with a host family. Then there are tour-operator created experiences that market directly to the adrenaline junkie - things such as sky diving, zip-lining and cage-diving, to name a few.

But adventure travel doesn't have to mean athletic travel, nor does it mean you have to sleep on the ground, nor does it have to fit into a box. There are many ways to be adventurous, and all you have to do is find the mix that's right for you. Here are five tips to help you add more adventure to your next trip.

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