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LOS ANGELES (AP) -- O.J. Simpson, accused of murdering his second wife after

years of abuse, also hit his first wife, prosecutors alleged for the first time

in court papers released Tuesday.

The documents also reveal that Simpson called his first wife, Marquerite

Simpson Thomas, on the day he was supposed to surrender on murder charges and

told her he was framed and wanted to kill himself.

The allegations were made in papers prosecutors filed in an effort to force

Mrs. Thomas to testify at Simpson's trial. Mrs. Thomas is resisting a

prosecution subpoena on the grounds it was improperly served at her Fullerton


"Not only can Mrs. Thomas prove prior acts of domestic violence by the

defendant, but she can testify to the statements that the defendant made on

June 17, 1994, the day of his arrest," the papers say.

Simpson is charged in the June 12 knife slayings of his ex-wife Nicole Brown

Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman.

Prosecutors are trying to introduce evidence of domestic violence during

Simpson's relationship with Ms. Simpson to support their contention that Ms.

Simpson's murder was the culmination of years of abuse and degradation.

Superior Court Judge Lance Ito's office said no ruling was expected Tuesday.

Opening statements were scheduled for Thursday.

The papers unsealed Tuesday include a statement Mrs. Thomas made to police

in late June. During that interview, Mrs. Thomas, who was married to Simpson

from 1967 to 1979, told police she was "never battered or beat up" by Simpson.

But other documents quote a police officer who said he responded to a

domestic violence call at the Simpson house about 20 years ago and that

Simpson's then-wife said her husband hit her.

"Some other officers took Mrs. Thomas to the Holiday Inn ... where she spent

the night," said the statement from Officer Terry G. Schauer.

In her statement to police, Mrs. Thomas said Simpson called her the morning

of June 17 from the home of his friend Robert Kardashian, just one hour before

he was supposed to surrender to authorities.

Hours later, Simpson was arrested after fleeing with his friend Al Cowlings

in Cowlings' white Ford Bronco and leading police on a slow procession over

Southern California freeways.

"O.J. told everyone that he was `framed' for the murders and was going to

commit suicide," Mrs. Thomas said.

Mrs. Thomas said their son, Jason, got on the phone and "told his father not

to kill himself and that everyone needed him." Simpson has an adult daughter,

Arnelle, from his marriage with Mrs. Thomas, and two younger children from his

marriage to Ms. Simpson.

Mrs. Simpson told police that in addition to talking about his suicide

plans, Simpson asked her to promise that his younger children, whose mother was

white, would learn about their black heritage.

"O.J. wanted her to promise," the documents said. "She stated that she would


None of Simpson's attorneys nor Mrs. Thomas' attorneys returned phone calls

seeking comment.

In other developments:

--Simpson lawyer Johnnie Cochran Jr. said the roles assigned to Simpson's

defense team won't change because of a public feud between Robert Shapiro and

F. Lee Bailey.

Over the weekend, Shapiro accused Bailey of leaking information to the media

in an effort to denigrate Shapiro's skills and enhance his own stature in the


Shapiro compared Bailey, whom he brought onto the Simpson defense team, to a

"snake" and said he wanted Bailey off the case.

Bailey didn't respond to the allegations about the press leaks but chastised

Shapiro for the "public outburst."

Shapiro has said he would leave it to Cochran to decide what role Bailey

will play at trial.

"The roles have been pretty much determined already," Cochran told The

Associated Press in his first public remarks on the feud. "It would be helpful

if we could maintain those roles."

--Prosecutors abruptly and without explanation dropped their effort to see

medical records seized from Jason and Arnelle Simpson.

Prosecutors never saw the records, which were handled by a special master.

Since court papers were sealed, it wasn't known when the records were seized or

what authorities planned to do with them.

--The court unsealed documents with the names of 200 more people the

prosecution may call as witnesses.

The list includes Ms. Simpson's sister Tanya Brown, Goldman's father Fred

Goldman and porn actress Jennifer Peace, who has said she dated Cowlings and

has information about the case.