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BLOOMINGTON - An Indiana University graduate student who was shot to death

by her former boyfriend had complained about harassing telephone calls since

their breakup, police said Friday.

A little before 8 p.m. Thursday, graduate student Susan Clements of South

Bend was killed and student Steven Molen critically injured by Clements' former

boyfriend, who later committed suicide.

Police identified Andreas J. Drexler, 29, a graduate student originally from

Olfeldt, Germany, who was studying computer science at Stanford, as the man who

entered Eigenmann Residence Hall and killed Clements, 23, and wounded Molen, 22.

Molen was taken to Bloomington Hospital, where he spent nearly three hours

in surgery for injuries to his left groin. He was listed in critical condition


Drexler and Clements broke up in December. Clements complained to campus

police in early March that Drexler was repeatedly harassing her with telephone


Her telephone number was changed, and Clements thought that would solve the

problem, Indiana University Police Chief George Huntington said.

The university receives about 10 to 12 reports each week from female

students complaining of harassment and Clements' case didn't seem unusual, he


Initial reports from students in Eigenmann indicated that the shooting was

the result of a "love triangle" drama, with Drexler taking revenge on Molen.

However, Huntington said there is no evidence Molen and Clements were ever

romantically involved, but were simply acquaintances who lived on the same


According to police reports, Drexler entered Eigenmann about 7:45 p.m. and

went to the 14th floor with two weapons, a .22-caliber pistol and a 9mm pistol

equipped with a laser sighting device.

Huntington said Drexler apparently intercepted Clements, 23, as she was

entering her room, where the two began arguing.

"We saw her room keys in the door, and she does not appear to have entered

the room," Huntington said. "An argument and a struggle ensued, in which Mr.

Molen interceded and appears to have pulled Drexler away from Miss Clements.

"At that time a third male resident separated Molen and Drexler, and the

resident pulled Molen into a room. Molen exited and was almost immediately


Huntington said that after Drexler had wounded Molen in the groin with the

9mm pistol, he pulled out the .22 and opened fire with both guns in the hall,

firing 10 shots.

Three shots hit Clements in the head, neck and torso, fatally wounding her.

She was pronounced dead at the scene.

A few residents said they saw Drexler exit through a stairwell. Within

minutes of the shooting, IU and Bloomington police, in addition to state police

and Monroe County Sheriff's Department officers, converged on the building.

A SWAT team was deployed while other officers combed a nearby neighborhood

searching for Drexler.

It was in this neighborhood that officers heard one shot. They discovered

Drexler's body slumped against a house at 114 N. Bryan, where he was hiding

behind an evergreen.

Coroner Dennis Troy said Drexler had killed himself.

One of the residents of Eigenmann's 14th floor said the shootings scared her.

"I heard all these shots along with a scream," she said. "I was too scared

to come out of my room. It was very frightening."

In addition to the .22 and 9mm weapons, police also found a police scanner

on Drexler's body, and speculate he was using the device in an attempt to stay

one step ahead of police.

- The Associated Press contributed to this report