Oil City Stadium — Home of the Northwest Indiana Oilmen

Location: 1700 119th St., Whiting

Website: nwioilmen.com

In Whiting, families can visit Oil City Stadium to see some of the most talented college players in the game. Team Owner and President Don Popravak said the experience is much like a day watching a minor league or independent league team. “It’s affordable family entertainment. We sell beer. We sell food. We have all the entertainment packages you’ll find at independent or lower level minor leagues,” he said. However, the teams playing on the field are college baseball players. “The players are between 18 and 22 years old and are very approachable,” he said.

Families going to see the Oilmen play are seeing some of baseball’s most talented up-and-coming athletes. In the past three years, 37 players have been drafted by major league baseball.

With tickets prices at $6, $8 and $10, Popravak views it as a perfect summer fun activity for families. “It’s very affordable. It’s more affordable than going to the movies and the difference is that the outcome of a ballgame always changes,” he said.

Along with the young talent and affordability, add in a modern park that opened in 2011 on Whiting’s main street just a short jaunt from the lakefront. “It’s really great to see at night. The backdrop is the refinery and it’s all lit up,” Poravak said.

Visit the website for special ticket pricing on Tuesdays and on Sunday Family Days and for information on free summer camps where nearly 700 local youths are hosted. The highest priced seats, at $10, are box seats directly behind home plate with private wait service. Lawn seating is also available, perfect for families with little tykes who are hard to keep in a seat. A highlight this season will be a series with the Serbian National Baseball Team in July.