Matt Holiner covers weather and climate across the Midwest. Matt has eight years of professional meteorology experience and has forecast every type of weather for cities across the country. He holds the National Weather Association's Seal of Approval.

A cold front will be working over us late this morning and early this afternoon bringing cooler temperatures, especially near Lake Michigan. Find out what the rain situation is looking like and how chilly it will get tonight in our updated forecast.

Your weather app says it's raining...but it's not. What's going on? Some call it phantom rain. Meteorologists call it virga. Learn what it is, when it occurs, and why your weather app gets confused in our latest edition of "Weather Explained."

Not a pleasant start to the month of May. Temperatures about 25 degrees below normal, rain likely, windy, and even a chance of snow! Find out where snow is most likely, when the showers will peak, and when we'll dry out in our weather update.

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