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Ask the Expert - HVAC: Home Comfort Tips by Doornbos Heating & Air Conditioning

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Do I really need Annual Air Conditioning Maintenance this year?

An old, dirty air conditioner could be costing you money and your comfort. In this edition, Doornbos Home Solutions Advisor, Roger, answers one reader’s question: Do I really need annual air conditioning maintenance this year?

Most car owners understand how regular maintenance like oil changes, tire rotations and filter changes can go a long way towards maximizing air performance. It’s a small price to pay to extend the life of the vehicle. The same is true for your air conditioner and furnace. Understanding the value of air conditioner maintenance means understanding a little more about how your air conditioning unit works, and how it helps you stay comfortable all cooling season.

Your typical home central air conditioner is actually a system that includes an indoor coil and an outdoor condenser connected by copper tubing and electrical wiring. Keeping all parts of the system in good operating condition can be vital to your comfort, your system’s efficiency and your overall air quality.

During normal air conditioner operation, dust, dirt, moisture from humidity or condensation and microbial growths can build up on internal components. Left unchecked, this can lead to corrosion and other damage that hurts efficiency, affects your indoor air quality and can shorten the life span of the equipment.

Regular annual AC maintenance like a tune-up and cleaning can minimize many of the issues caused by the build-up of dirt and debris, if they are performed by an Expert HVAC technician, like those at Doornbos Heating and Air Conditioning. These inspections allow for checking into potential long-term issues and in some cases take proactive steps to prevent premature failure or inconvenient breakdowns during the cooling season. Annual air conditioner maintenance by a licensed HVAC service provider may also be a requirement to keep your equipment warranty valid as well.

To ensure your system is ready for the cooling season ahead, now is the time to schedule your air conditioning maintenance. Check out our website specials for a professional tune up and cleaning by Doornbos Experts. Source:

If you have questions email Doornbos at Call 708-423-9580 or visit

When is it time to buy new? 

"Fix the Old or Buy New?” Knowing when to Repair or Replace your home’s furnace and air conditioner:

It is never a good day when your trusty old furnace or AC quits. If it does, one call to Doornbos Heating and Air Conditioning can have our NATE certified technicians out to your home or business to diagnose the problem, give you an estimate for the repair and get you back to comfortable!

If the repair is not the best choice, and replacement make the best sense for you, we can have a Home Solutions Advisor come out and provide you with options for replacing your system that fit your needs. This brings up the age old debate of “should I repair it or replace it”.

Since the cost to replace or repair can vary widely, it may help to look beyond the price of either option before making a final decision. Making an informed decision involves determining the actual repair cost, life expectancy of your current equipment, repair history and operating costs.

Consider these questions:

  • Does your furnace and ac still keep your home comfortable?
  • Are your energy bills higher than they used to be or want them to be?
  • Are you having to frequently call for service on your furnace or AC?
  • Is your heating and cooling system more than 15 years old?

If you answer YES to any of these questions, it may be time to consider replacement.

A Doornbos Home Solution Advisors will meet with you, listen to your needs and concerns, perform a load calculation to properly size your new system and give you multiple options to consider so you make the best choice that is right for you!

Right now is a great time to consider replacement! Carrier factory incentives, Utility Company rebates and special 36 month financing, are all available for a limited time on the installation of new equipment. Homeowners in the south suburbs have trusted Doornbos for 95 years and we are ready to serve you!

Visit our website for all the current incentives. Call us today to schedule a free estimate for new equipment with one of our Home Solutions Advisors and get back to being comfortable, before these offers are gone.

If you have questions email Doornbos at Call 708-423-9580 or visit


How long do furnaces last?

Most homeowners don’t give much thought to their furnace — out of sight, out of mind!

The furnace is the heart of your home keeps you and your family safe & comfortable all year round, yet when the temperatures drop, many homeowners ask “How long should my furnace last?” There are a number of factors that affect how long furnaces last as well as some telltale signs of when it may be time to replace. Here is a quick check list to use when making that decision.


Frequent service calls

Expensive repair bills

Uneven temperatures

Inability to stay at the thermostat’s temperature setting

Furnace blowing cold air in the winter

New or increased noises

Increased energy bills

Here is a Comfort Tip: How to get the most out of your furnace

Yearly professional cleaning and maintenance as well as frequent filter changes is critical. A well-maintained furnace can last at least 15 to 20 years according to furnace manufacture Carrier, but completing annual maintenance and being diligent with repairs can extend its life even longer.


Size - It’s important to have an appropriately sized system for your home. Make sure your contractor performs a proper load calculation on your home. Btu input and blower size is critical.

     • Shorter cycles create more wear and tear on the parts of a furnace, so if the system is larger than necessary, it will turn on and off too quickly.

     • Furnaces that are too small for the space may stay on too long and     struggle to heat your home, which can also add wear and tear on parts.

Installation - It’s important to have a professional correctly install your system

     • Incorrectly designed, sized, and sealed ductwork impacts airflow and comfort

     • Poor drainage can cause damage to the AC and furnace

     • Incorrectly installed electrical, refrigerant and gas lines can cause damage to the system and pose a safety issue for you and your family.

Lack of routine maintenance – it’s important that you are regularly maintaining your system.

     • Dirty filters can cause wear on your blower

     • Minor repairs can turn into costly problems

     • Equipment life span can be reduced

Thermostat set too high or too low—the optimal range is between 60 °F and 80 °F

When your furnace is about 15 years old, it’s a good idea to start looking at new equipment to be prepared when it comes time to replace it. You’ll want to learn about the most modern, energy-efficient options out there and get an idea of cost. New furnaces are quiet, energy-efficient, designed to provide ultimate comfort and to circulate clean, refreshing air throughout your home. Be sure to schedule an annual tune up and cleaning with Doornbos Heating and Cooling, your Local Expert to get the most out of your heating system and to help ensure it will last.


Is your Furnace ready for the Winter ahead?

Doornbos Heating and Air Conditioning

It’s that time of year when the temperatures start to drop and thoughts of colder months ahead creep up. It’s time to make sure your heating system is operating at peak efficiency. A job best left to professionals, Doornbos Heating & Air Conditioning has you covered.

We all know regular automobile maintenance is essential to keep the vehicle running properly and reduce breakdowns. This same philosophy goes for why investing in regular maintenance for your home’s heating system is a wise choice. “Annual maintenance is a cost effective way to help reduce operating costs and reduce repairs,” says the team at Doornbos. “Just like our cars get brought in for regular maintenance such as oil and filter change, checking tires, inspecting fluids and examine belts and hoses on a regular schedule, heating and air conditioning systems need similar maintenance too.”

Doornbos expert technicians spot minor problems before they become big ones, says the team at Doornbos. Maintenance of your home heating system helps extend equipment life and will make your equipment last longer. That peace of mind only comes when your equipment is serviced by expert technicians like those at Doornbos and by doing so you’ll maintain your equipment’s warranty if applicable.

For more information or to set up an appointment to have expert technicians from Doornbos check your furnace, call 708-423-9580 or visit

If you have questions, email Doornbos at


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